06.25.08: I work in a museum. On my way from one office to another, I passed the giant clam shell (we’re talking the size of labrador retriever) kept on display in the natural history room. A little girl (we’re talking half the size of a giant clam shell) was standing in front of it. I overheard her saying to her friend:

“That is the biggest lobster I ever seen!”

05.23.08: Yesterday my hygiene-challenged 14-year-old sister and I were laying on her bed reading corny teen novels and eating doritos.

Lah: Ugh! You totally got chip junk all over my bed!
Amanda: Why do you care? You don’t even sleep here. I saw you taking a nap on a pile of laundry yesterday.
Lah: (yelling) It was warm, and it smelled good!

05.13.08: It is finals week at my school, and we tend to go a little nuts. Sarah and Bryan and I were working on our agriculture paper, and we started to get elaborate with the subsection headings:

Sarah: What about “Spheres of Change?”
Amanda: Or “Rotational Grazing?”
Bryan: So what’s the special tonight? Spheres of change with rotational grazing? Why, thank you, Kemal!

05.12.08: We are all “studying” together. This means we are all getting very little done and are hanging out in a classroom at this late hour saying:

Leda: My mother is in a long house somewhere in Borneo right now.
Amanda: Why?
Leda: Oh, you know, she’s having a midlife crisis or whatever.

05.04.08: Kathryn and Al and Whit and I watched Masterpiece on PBS tonight. In one scene there was a particularly rude character.

Allison: God! What is up her ass?
Kathryn (without missing a beat): Years of hereditary aristocracy.

05.01.08: Allison is a funny bunny:

Allison: Oh! Are those meerkats?
Amanda: No, Allison. That’s a fence.

05.01.08: Kathryn visits me on her way back from the bathroom where she has just brushed her teeth:

“I just wasn’t feeling the homework. I needed to go to sleep. Plus, I fell into a deep morass of knitting blogs. It was terrible. It took three hours.”

04.29.08: Upon reading the news and becoming distressed, I am comforted by Kathryn:

Cellar babies happen, Amanda. Don’t let it get you down.”

04.21.08: Listen Hear staff meetings have a tendency to degenerate into these sorts of conversations:

Matt: So what are we doing about the staff photo?
Linn: We are dressing up as newsies. On the street. In tweed.


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